Posted on Sep 16, 2012


The boy dreams of escape
From his humdrum life
Away from these apes
Who can’t he confide

He wishes to cross
The threshold
Between worlds lost
In ancient times of old

Mirrorworld he looks for
Where anything is possible
Time and space no laws
Can’t touch him nor trouble

A world of elves and magic
Wizards and dragons
Where life isn’t tragic
And better things happen

Where unicorns still roam
And wolves still live free
This to him would be home
He just needs to believe

He a knight in armour
With shield and magical sword
Defending different pastures
From the evil horde

Where good and evil is clear
You know what is what
And you know what to fear
From where the arrow shot

But alas he is stuck
In normal reality, his hell
For he grows older, life sucks
He’ll have different stories to tell

Black and blue from beatings
From the ogre that shares his home
He can’t express his feelings
He feels all alone

Oh for Mirrorworld
Where everything would be okay
This ogre he would hurl
In a dungeon where he would pay

So he sleeps in unsettled dreams
Fearing the day to come
Watched by amber eyes that see
Every move from the prodigal son

One day soon his time will be
Then they’ll show themselves
Taking him to the forest and free
Of the land he dreams, Mirrirworld

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