Last To Know

Posted on Aug 25, 2012


She wakes up all bleary eyed
Looking at a moody sky
Switches on her phone first thing
Any messages left with news to bring?

But nothing is there
No news , just bare
Then she goes to social network sites
Everywhere she sees it since last night

It seems she’s the last to know
Other people message in a steady flow
She’s in shock being left out
She wonders what on earth that’s about?

Very sad, if not a little angry
This good news reached her through others sadly
She should’ve been one of the first
Not nice in the way she heard

She’ll no more do things for them
Taking a step back once again
Used by many a lot of late
Now it’s starting to grate

Time to put herself first
Needs to escape anyway, fit to burst
Leave them all to it she thinks
She won’t go under without trace and sink

Posted in: Poetry