Constant Truth

Posted on Aug 25, 2012


Constant Truth is what I seek
Since I was able to speak
Knowledge the power that guides us all
This I want, to follow its rule

I don’t mean a god in a fluffy white cloud
Where if you went up, nowt could be found
Nor do I mean religious belief
Good god no, too much grief!

I seek something higher for my soul
That will guide me right to my goal
Knowledge and learning is the only way
From the corrupt path and the decay

No more will I suffer betrayal
This my weakness in which I fail
Time methinks to follow my path
Find those new pastures, the green green grass

Been a long time coming, ‘stuck’ I’ve been
The things I’ve missed, could’ve seen
But now I fight against my oppressors
My new teachers shall be more than professors

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