Silent Voices

Posted on Aug 25, 2012


He hears them all around
Silent voices without sound
Playing tricks with his mind
The corporeal he cannot find

They whisper things in his ear
Playing to his nightmare fears
Goading, teasing, screaming
His ears by now are bleeding

He fears the voices in his head
For they are the voices of the dead
Are maybe worse they could be
Oh why can they not leave him be!

They ask him to do things too
Nasty things through and through
He tries to turn away
But these voices with him play

They demand him to obey their rules
They won’t suffer any fools
Threatening, commanding they are to him
Telling he to commit manner of sin

NO! He screams with all his might
He’ll do all he can against them fight
He’ll not bow to the voices cold
They will not his soul hold

Suddenly the voices are silent
He breathes a sigh of relief for a moment
calmly walks out of his front door
The knife gleaming sharp as he heads to the store…

*Autumn and Halloween fast approaching, I thought I’d start with this.

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