The Downs

Posted on Aug 19, 2012


Dunstable Downs, Bedfordshire taken by Darren Greenidge

To the Downs they did go
Watching kites fly high then low
Fighting against the wind they are
These flimsy kites, may break, go far!

Suddenly a glider appears
The pilot shows no fear
Flying high lie a bird
His excitement cannot be heard

Families sit and chat drinking tea
Whilst their kids run and play free
Kicking a ball, running about
All can be heard are happy shouts

Barbecue’s and games are played
As faces are painted and kites are made
Animals in cages brought for kids to see
As dogs bark, tongues lolling, happily free

Ah but the day comes to an end
As people pack up and the sun does set
Another day closes, seemingly alone
But never, for in this place wildlife does roam

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