Canned Laughter

Posted on Aug 19, 2012


Every week she sees her friends
Every week she feels it’s pretend
For sometimes it doesn’t feel real
Canned laughter and if looks could kill

So why does she hang out with these people
Why not find others who are more believable?
Throw in her old life and start afresh
Instead of living with her life a mess

Her job is where she met most of them
Lost her old friends, work took precedence
What a fool she was to have let them go
Only now she have felt the infinite blow

She tried to g back to that life once
But they didn’t want to know, used too much
She had treated them bad many times
Now she’s alone she sadly finds

All work has done for her is step up the ladder
But the stress and the sacrifices has made her madder
Because a house is not a home with just herself
Nor a healthy bank balance, not for this girl

Only now she realises what she needs
Her soul, her heart she needs to feed
Is it too late she thinks with her so-called friends
No, she decides, she’ll not make that mistake again

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