Lost Cause Again

Posted on Aug 19, 2012


You’ve done it again
Haven’t you
Let us all down
Never a clue
Leaving us exasperated
whilst you pretend
You’ve just become
A lost cause again

Why do we bother
To put up with this
If you keep treating
Us always with remiss
Forgetting and uncaring
Leaving us to dry
It’s no wonder we
Wanna scream or cry

Is their any hope for
You, we have to wonder
As this constant
Disappointment we at ponder
Like Houdini you are there
Creating a magick
A certain flair
Then you’re gone

Unseen for months
Is it no wonder
We’re all stumped!
Leaving all asunder
We hope only the
Best for you
Always have done
And shall always will too

Never forget us
As we won’t ever you
All we ask is that
You respect us true
But this the thing
That you so struggle
Honesty in all to all
The lies you juggle

You break our hearts
Many times
Committing those
Friendship crimes
Where we’re not really
Important to you
Sometimes sadly we’re
Just something under your shoe

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