The Slow Road

Posted on Aug 19, 2012


Never one to rush into things
Like a bull in a china shop
He’s happy to wait for what life brings
Positive for a happy lot

Sometimes though he wants it now
Just because life is frustrating
He’ll rarely scream aloud
It’s just so annoying

So no fast track for him
Sometimes this is a bad thing
For laziness kicks in
And no new birds he’ll hear sing?

So he changes tack a little
To help things along
Hopefully this path isn’t brittle
Shan’t crack underneath, go wrong

A little faith is all he needs
Sometimes battered by those he loves
Those that take his soul, devour in greed
These the times he feels lost and rough

Like a bird in a cage he’ll fly free
Wings will be no more clipped
He has to hang on to his belief
Then his past, his town shan’t be missed

Posted in: Poetry