Bleeding Hearts

Posted on Jun 27, 2012


History was made today
But you chose to protest
Vent your anger again
At your leaders behest

Your cause has lost
It’s way
Because your filled
With hate

Blind to the future
What you can achieve
What is it now
You really believe?

For five hundred years
This has gone on
Peace needs to come
To right all the wrongs

Your bleeding hearts
Only mention that past
But if you read your
History, further back it casts

For your people were
No saints
Committing worse
Atrocities you never paint

You attacked many places
Throughout time
But you ignore that past
Not thinking on it a crime

More damage you did
To others
But blind you are
To your brothers

You claim it’s about
Land stolen from you
But you yourselves
Stole yours whole true

Not just the land you
Reside in now
But the land of your
‘Enemy’ that never shout

That never shout
About what you did to them
Because they never lie
Or from their past pretend

So if you want peace
Take the road now on
Or you may find undoing
And all will go wrong

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