Wicked Hearts

Posted on Jun 27, 2012


Wicked hearts you play your games
But in reality it’s you you’ll betray
For fear guides your heart of stone
Turns to ice, forever alone

You hate with a vehement passion
Not really understanding your reason
Blaming everyone else you’re told to blame
This the story for people like you, the same

I don’t understand your blindness
Or your full on wickedness
Do you not have a soul at all?
You are nothing but a sad lost fool

You need help to understand all around you
Not everything is black and white but shades of blue
Somewhere in their, deep inside
I hope your humanity shall no longer hide

I’m not religious but I pray for your soul
Because it saddens me that the devil you it sold
Full of deep resentment and sour taste
From the bitter apple you have eaten in haste

I have hope you will see beyond your pride
Your ignorance and fear will find elsewhere to hide
For the wicked hearts like yours should be set free
Maybe then the truth of all and you can you finally see

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