I Try

Posted on Feb 26, 2012


I try to do the right thing
I try for happiness to bring
I try to put a smile on faces
I try this across many places
I try to help all I can
I try again and again
I try always to do good
I try like we all should
I try to keep my chin up
I try not to cause a fuss
I try to keep myself in check
I try not my temper to get
I try to be brave in adversity
I try not to believe in negativity
I try to have faith in myself
I try not to follow the path of hell
I try to be strong in hope
I try to in life’s problems cope
I try to stay true to the road
I try not to carry too much of a load
I try to help and listen
I try to keep my eyes dry not to glisten
I try to be strong everyday
I try not to be weak on this path laid
I try all I can to stay true
I try not to let myself anger from you
I try to lead a just life
I try not to let my feelings hide
I try but buried are they always
Forever I try till my end of days

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