Fried Heaven and Ballymaloe

Posted on Feb 27, 2012


Oh look at those sausages as they cook
How wonderful do they look
Frying, spitting, growing fat and brown
Listening to them sizzle, what a sound!

The bacon crisps as it’s turned
Not too much that it burns
Thick and mouth-watering does it look
A smile and a dribble from the cook!

Black and white pudding fry away
Oh how this makes a breakfasts day
Soft and oaty is the taste
Oh dear lord cook! Please make haste!

The egg pops away in the pan
Cooked and flipped deftly by a skilful hand
The yellow yoke whitens gently
But soon to be in a hungry belly!

Toast cooks under the grill
Light brown and ready for the meal
The butter slides on and melts away
Oh how wonderful this shall taste!

Finally it’s dished up on the plate
For the growling stomach can no longer wait!
Sauces tomato, brown, for him Ballymaloe
Pour on the breakfast in a steady flow

That first taste of fried heaven and ballymaloe
Gives the cheeks a happy glow
Then it’s over, the plate licked clean
That breakfast was something to be seen!

**There’s a link on my blogroll for anyone interested in Ballymaloe products. Trust me, you’ll never look back…

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