The Void

Posted on Feb 10, 2012


He stares into the void
The past year he didn’t even try
Too much gone to waste
Time speeds along with haste

A mixture of emotions is he
What he had should’ve set him free
But mistakes did he make
Advantage of did they take?

He blames himself and no-one else
His soul he felt he did sell
Now about to once again
The next few days he does dread

He should’ve gone when he had the chance
He should’ve stood firm in his stance
Happy he could’ve been elsewhere
Without a worry, without a care

But guilty he was made to feel
In others lives all too real
He forgot himself and his dream
Nothing is as it should’ve been

So all he has left is his belief
His faith in himself that he’ll break free
To go and see with new eyes to live
A new happiness he hopes the world to give

Posted in: Poetry