Posted on Nov 12, 2011


Here it is again, rolling round at speed
Slow it seems when you’re young for its need
Out to party with your friends is all you wanna do
Wind up in some pit, how you got there, no clue?

The weekend is what you work for, money to burn
Hard all week do you slave away, pennies you earn
Five days a week is a lot of your valuable time
But when that Saturday comes, worth the long days pined

When you get older though, not much really changes
Except not some much of the party stages
In our minds we all remain young in all we do
Embarrassing the kids we have, who think we haven’t a clue

Our bodies slow down as we age, not able to last out long
But some of us don’t give a damn, we’ll party till we’re gone
Life’s too short to stay still and wallow in self-pity
When there’s so much to do across villages, town’s and cities

So now the weekend is here, do what you feel is best
Just don’t be too reckless or get that arrest
Have fun, go chill or live life to the max
Or have a simple time doing nothing and relax

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