This Dead Town

Posted on Nov 9, 2011


Away for the night he comes back home
Noon the following day
He sees police everywhere as he roams
The street, looking at someone’s fate

For a murder there’s been in town
By knife they have been killed
Two thugs did this they found
Over a girl for the thrill

Flowers lay in a neat pile
With people shedding a tear
The locals are all now riled
For they now live in fear

The fourth violent death this town has had
That he remembers of
Innocent lives taken by the wicked, the bad
Angels now with their god

He wonders what happened to this quiet
Town that he lives
For it’s now in the mire of hell-fire
This dead town that takes and never gives

This poem is inspired by a recent murder on Nov 6th in the early hours of the morning, in our small town that has shocked us all, but sadly not surprised some of us. Thoughts are with the family and friends of the victim.

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