The Future Is Oh So Bright

Posted on Nov 9, 2011


She passes through the day cheerful and in tune
With her surroundings and all that’s to pass very soon
Confident and clear her head and insight
Suddenly the future is oh so bright

But it’s taken her a long time to get there
So many problems, so much that wasn’t fair
Down she got and sometimes didn’t fight back
Her confidence and belief knocked, her heart black

Not much support did she get on this long hard path
Just talked down to and behind her back, they laughed
This did hurt her through her trials at times
But then a purpose and strength did she find

So quietly she eventually trod her road
Not telling many so they could goad
For when she reached the desired goal
She would find herself free of the dark hole

Now though she is ever so close
She can almost taste what she desires the most
She’ll surprise all those that doubted her so
When showing them her achievements, telling them where to go

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