Posted on Oct 28, 2011


The drink does pass her lips, heaven sent
Its smooth taste breaks down her defence
Relaxing her body and her mind
She thinks a little clearly, her eyes open wide

She wonders at her family, some at war
Fighting against each other, not knowing why for?
Why do families argue so all the time
Why aren’t all treated equally, to this she is blind

It saddens her that it is always this way
Her heart breaking every other day
But she knows it will be a fight to fix this
To achieve that perfect happy family bliss

So she thinks of escape to live her own life
Maybe this way she can somehow help them unite?
But if not then she’ll have to leave them be
For her life is passing fast, she’ll never be free

It just upsets her though of all the nastiness that exists
Bad enough this world is, family feuds worse, this she will not miss
Money, jealousy and competitiveness all play a part she knows
But other things are involved that can deliver a killer blow

You can choose your friends but never your family
You make do and try to be happy
But a drain sometimes this can be
Because of a strong family loyalty

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