Lost in Music

Posted on Oct 26, 2011


He walks out onto his porch looking out to sea
Taking with him his guitar, strumming a tune he needs
The mountains rise high behind as he sits and strums
Lost in music to a tune he does hum

Gentle does he play to the gulls and the waves
Feeling at one with his surroundings as he plays
Music and nature are as one to him he believes
For nature has her own music, a gift with which he sees

He plays a tune as ancient as he knows
Of Celtic origin in his heart does it grow
His fingers move as deft as the gull flies
Music be the food of his soul in which he smiles

The tune he plays is about a lost love
Killed by an enemy king, the warrior had had enough
So he picked up his sword ignoring the warning
Given to him by a druid in the morning

He went to fight the evil king, who stood proud and tall
He fought valiantly but lost to the kings sword
But it turned out that the lost love had not died
But a girl who looked like her, the warrior had been blind

His body was laid on a boat to sea
Set fire to for his spirit to be free
The girl died of a broken heart, her spirit haunts this place
By the sea, by his home, he plays this lament for her beauty and grace

He cries as he plays the tune and sings the words
For the warrior had said something to be heard
When time enough had passed by he would return to her
To love her again, no enemies to fight or wrath to incur

So now as the man plays his tune to the mountains and the sea
Alone in his home, he awaits this princess to be
For he is the warrior waiting for his love lost
Lived so many lives since, again he would at any cost

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