Alone and Lost

Posted on Oct 25, 2011


He sits in his bedsit alone and lost
Drinking from the bottle, he has no boss
No wife, no kids, no-one to call a friend
He wastes away in his bedsit till the end

His has no job, thrown on the scrapheap
Allowed to fester, allowed to seep
All he wanted was a happy life to be had
But the cards he was dealt were all very bad

So many people are left in this way
So many forgotten, left to decay
In a country that’s considered rich
Lost souls all over, life’s no sitch

Priorities are wrong in our world
No-one there when you need the help
These neglected and uncared for
They need chances so they can soar

For cities and towns across the land
Have these people sinking in sand
Left to fall to the wayside
Ghosts they become, feared, they hide

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