A Life More Extraordinary

Posted on Oct 25, 2011


He runs for cover under a tree
Dry from the rain for a moment to be
He looks at the moody sky
The angry clouds and the tears they cry

Drowned like a rat on a sinking ship
He wonders if he should run for it
But a dark cloud comes over him as he thinks
No escape as it would pour faster than a blink

So he stands under the tree thinking of his life
Of the past year and the dream he does strive
All negatives are far gone now
As the focus is on his future that he’ll achieve somehow

He smiles as the heavens open wide
Letting the downpour continue to hit far and wide
He pictures the place of his dreams
Envisaging all the future he now can see

He steps out into the rain arms open to the sky
The rain washing over him, cleansing his mind
His soul washed too of any negativity
He now can lead his life more extraordinary

Posted in: Poetry