A Time To Think

Posted on Oct 12, 2011


Her head hurts, too much going on
Not enough time to fit it all in
About to explode but not in song
Her thoughts are worse than sin

She needs a break to clear the head
A headless chicken is what she is, not bland
Confused and crazy is what she said
End up as a chicken platter with extra ham!!

A change of scene, a chance to breath
Is all any of us need
Good friends and family to help us through
A kick up the backside can help us too!

By water, mountains and the deep wild sea
Can help her think with no strings
A calm will fall like nothing else
No tightening of the noose, of the belt

Sometimes she could scream to the heavens
Before she ends up nuts and tethered
All she wants is a space to chill
Somewhere she can finally feel

A time to think in a rat-race is hard
How will she ever get a new start?
A time to think is all she needs
So she can finally be free to be

Posted in: Poetry