I Had A Dream Last Night

Posted on Oct 11, 2011


She had a dream last night of flying high
Further up into the roof of the sky
Soaring to the heavens on wings of desire
She felt power the more she flew higher

The next minute she was in a room
Couldn’t see much in the gloom
Suddenly he appears before her free
To give her a message that she can’t see

Somehow she knows what he has to say
Wordless whispers float her way
But as in dreams they’re just out of reach
Just for a milli-second these words could teach

Dreams can teach you so many things
Understanding them to learn what they bring
The teacher in your dream is your guide in life
Learning how to embrace him or her is harder than flight

So much goes on in our minds
Answers are always there to find
Usually though we forget as soon as we wake
The dreams flying from sleep like melting snowflakes

Remember your dreams to fix your future
Repair your past for a life that suits you
No need for shrinks, quacks or books
Look inside yourself bait that hook

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