Nervous Moves

Posted on Sep 29, 2011


He met you in strange surroundings
Never knowing your name
Took Him a while to get his bearings
Then it fell like rain

What could he do but talk in nervous tones?
Trying to ask you for a date
But always felt a chill to the bones
Always ask too late

Why does he always do this to himself?
Always ready to ask, courage deserts him
Been the same since he was twelve
Suppose it’s something he cannot change?

One day he’ll break from the shell
Sooner the better, the freer he’ll be
”And then you shall see the real” me says he
Maybe then you both can gel?

But until then he’ll float as if in a dream
Wondering if you will notice him anytime soon
All he wants is just to be seen
So he can for once sing a happy tune

Posted in: Poetry