Why Do You Lie?

Posted on Sep 28, 2011


I’ve been trying to arrange things for a while now
But you dark me in a way you only know how
I don’t understand why you avoid me
Why do you lie, can you not see?

So many things we could do away
Stories to be told on a rainy day
But no answer from you do I get
I wonder if this friendship was well met

But you’re not alone in doing this to me
People seem to be doing it a lot lately
What goes through people’s minds when they do so
Sometimes I think I’m better off on my own

Yesterday I heard a whisper of a sad demise
I believed what I was told, much to my despise
Now the guilt hangs me by the neck
Want the earth to swallow me up, just to forget

You see my friend a lie has an effect that knocks on
Whether a promise or a Chinese whisper, this can go wrong
As the reach can stretch beyond you and me so far
And friendships and reputations can be tarred

The motto here is just to be honest and true
Then there will be no comebacks with me or you
A lie is pointless for the problems it makes
Leave that to the fools, the idiots and fakes

I’m fed up now of having to correct mistakes made
By other people who turn away and fade
I try to lead an honest life with all I love
But some make it difficult for me with lies, had enough

So a new chapter has to be written
I have no wish to again be bitten
Let’s start again and stop with the lies
Honesty the best policy, above it all we’ll rise

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