Animal Magnetism

Drinking his pint, staring at her bum
Dear god! He can’t keep his eyes off, he wants some
Got a life of its own, drives men wild, crazy to a core
She know she has the power, should be a law

She wears low cut or tight fitting tops
Can’t stop looking, out his eyes pop
Can his heart take much more of this little vixen?
Time to take control of this little hussy brazen

But her eyes are the most alluring of all
They draw you in to your very soul
She speaks sensuously, seductive is she besides
He hopes to god he’s the one she rides!!

None of it is in your face, but enough to fuel your dreams
One’s that’d take you places, you know what I mean
She’s the stuff of fantasy, can pull you in too deep
Who gives a flying monkies, let him make the leap!

He plays the game as she draws him in
To commit he knows a a cardinal sin
She’s played this game with him for a while
They both tease as it’s their style

He smiles in a winning way
He knows now he has her on this day
But little does he know it’s her who wins
She has played him for a fool to commit her sins

She has an animal magnetism that she can control
She’ll get deep down inside your soul
No-one can resist her charms
All bow to her without much harm

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