The Eyes of Lonliness

Posted on Sep 27, 2011


Because he’s searching through the eyes of loneliness
He misses what is right in front of him
Looking for a cub, usually finding a lioness
Time he learned to see beyond the rim

Mistakes he’s made so many times in the past
This he knows he’ll do blinded by being lonely
His life a stage and he an extra in a confused cast
No soft sand for him to walk, only one that’s stoney

Desperate to feel the comfort of a companion
He’ll take anything that comes up the path
Even if the gulf is huge like the grand canyon
He just wants to embrace and laugh

Being lonely for him is his curse he knows
This road he travels not his choice but on it his is
Maybe he’ll find something that glows
Then this life he’ll not miss

He knows though that he should be patient and wait
Fill his life with things to busy his mind
Then one day someone will come along as is fate
His eyes will be open, not like now so blind

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