The Image

Posted on Sep 27, 2011


Everyone is just an image to him, but she is the real thing
You make his spirit soar, you make his heart sing
He’s alive and crazy when he’s with you
Doing crazy things, these days he won’t rue

Everything is different, no more black and white
All bright flashy colours, he see’s with a clear sight
Why is it that he see’s like this only with her
And never before, on his own, all was just a blur

So many spectrum’s of life now blind his vision
He knows with her he has made the right decision
No matter what he does with her it’ll be new
A story to tell, a memory he fondly view

Again he wonders what it is that she has to inspire
That makes him carefree and want to fly higher and higher
Indestructible does he feel, he can take on the earth
Not even this lonely planet but also the universe

He also feels that he could take on the devil himself
As she awakenings in him something hidden in stealth
He doesn’t though see the dangers this could bring
Because he’s blinded by her music, the pied-piper, she sings

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