This Land

Though this land has given her a new lease of life
She still doesn’t feel free
These bonds she needs to cut with a knife
So her spirit can soar above the sea

This land was her escape from boredom and blame
From a life like a prisoner she led
But now she’s here there’s no escape she can claim
All she left behind is still in her head

This land she has been followed by her past
Where she had hoped to leave them behind
But stick to her like a nightmare, they crept up fast
For her there was nowhere they could not find

This land was meant to be her awakening
Where she hoped to be free of past ghosts
But haunted her they did, her heart breaking
Her dream of freedom she wanted the most

All she wanted was a new life to lead
Where she could be finally free
But fate has other ideas as her soul bleeds
In this land how does she find freedom’s key?

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