Friendship’s Betrayal

What can She say that’s not already known?
Thought she’d learned it all, so wrong, so low
Loyalty is what she believes in so so much
It guides her heart when all outta luck

Trust is part of that emotion too
Because emotion it is, all that is true
She rarely show’s what’s deep inside
Been so alone, so much to hide

Just when she feel’s she can trust someone again
They back away, fear in their eyes, vixen to the hen
So she keeps all buried deep away
Hoping to be free from this someday

Life can be cruel in so many ways
Can follow you till the end of days
We’ve got so much to get off our chests
Reveal all? Not always for the best

A friend should be there for you when needed
But sometimes they look at you hooded eyes beaded
At the end of the day, they’re not all they seem
Deceive you in the end, just wanna scream

It’s just friendships betrayal that inevitably follows
The ground opens up, it deeply swallows
Why can’t people just look inside?
Way deep down, follow the hearts tide

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