I Dream…

Posted on Sep 26, 2011


I dream of a castle on the west coast
Whether Scotland or Ireland, where I love most
The Connemara coast calls across the sea
Where dolphins and whales swim so free

Roundstone is a place of immense beauty
That would indeed so suit me
But Kinsale is a place I do need
For it helps this soul to feed

Scotland has Ullapool a beauty of grace
This town a gateway to islands they face
Of ancient wonders, stone circles and more
Stornoway will break your heart to the core

The Outer Hebrides a far cry from city life
Happiness and frustration, tears do you cry
A place of peace do I search in my time
This I should’ve done in my prime

Never too late to find your dreams
That special place that shines and gleams
You have to be brave and take a risk
Don’t let it pass that dream you could miss

Posted in: Poetry