Confusion Intrusion

Posted on Sep 29, 2011


Why did they kiss and hold each other close
If it means nothing to him, the smile of a ghost
She can’t help thinking something’s there
But you ran away again leaving your soul bare

Confused, afraid, excited, wanting you more and more
He brings her emotions to the fore
Inspiring her to believe in all she’d thought lost
Can’t go through this again, at any cost

But you ran into the arms of another girl
Someone she trusted, will never again
Hurt more than her, more than she believed
Together what could they have achieved?

Her heart breaks every time she see’s them together
But what can she do, it cuts her heart, it severs
To distance herself is the only way
Maybe you’ll see her truly someday

In this she has to believe
Or she’ll never know love to receive
She’ll wonder lost and helpless, an unhappy fusion
For this to her is a confusion intrusion

Posted in: Poetry