Who Knows?

Posted on Sep 29, 2011


How does he guess what she’s thinking?
How does she ask is your heart sinking?
He asks ”what runs through your mind when you see me?”
Do you have feelings stronger than the eye sees?

His soul flies high every time she’s by, sheds a tear
Hers flies higher whenever he’s near
Her beauty is inner, deep and closed
It shines in her eyes more than most

Hair so black, long and heartbreaking
Fingers tempted to caress (for the taking)
He longs to do more with his hands
To caress, to touch, to feel, footsteps in the sand

He’d love to hold her in his arms
To hold her close, his heart she’d calm
He see’s the pain, the loneliness in her soul
Does she see it in him, an endless black hole…?

They need each other more than they know
Both never talk so how can they grow?
They need their heads banging together
For their souls entwined, ropes are tethered

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