Hearts Suffering

Posted on Sep 21, 2011


Her world is crumbling around her again
Everyone she cares for lets her down in the end
What can she do but hold her head up high
So many knock backs, ‘spose she gotta try?

Seeing people happy gives her a feeling so good
Seeing people sad, need to be understood
She’s torn in a world of confusion & fear
Think it’s time to leave, shed no tears

Never stay in one place too long you’ll grow attached
To people who will eventually leave you dispatched
Because they fear a bond loyal and true
The first to suffer will always be you

And if you care for someone a little too much
They’ll break your heart, kick you in the crutch
I know this because it happened to me
Happening again, need to run and be free

The more you’re on the move, the less the pain
Because you don’t have time to feel the drain
She knows happiness she’ll never find
But at least the time she’ll have will be kind

She just wishes she had that special one
To share all things under the sun
For the entire universe they would receive
They could prevent her imminent leave…

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