Posted on Sep 20, 2011


The music of your call floats through the skies
To my ears it comes, I hear your beautiful cries
I see you in my minds eye glorious views I behold
Mountains rise high in the heavens, beaches made of gold

The seals play off the island shore
Diving, playing, swimming, fish they want more
A falcon glides high above on a bright clear day
Looking with its sharp eyes, swoops on it’s prey

The rodent squeals in this raptures grasp
As the falcon flies off with its kill so fast
The seals look over to the noise they heard
Then back they play, ignoring the bird

The castle sits by the loch in all its glory
Six hundred years this place tells a story
Clan fighting clan fighting feudal England
This land of glories this land called Scotland

So much history does it have from the Picts till now
The land and its people changed so much, survived but how
A stubborn streak kept them strong
Told in film, book and song

It’s beauty never fails to embrace hearts all
So very hard to ignore Scotland’s call
The thistle of Caledonia a symbol of might
Scotland the brave shall never give in without a fight

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