Give Me Space!

I’ve only known you a short time
And already my space is not mine
Take things easy, we have days
And weeks to come
This man won’t be fazed

Used to being alone with my thoughts
My soul not easily bought
Dark things buried deep in my heart
Can’t share them, not easy to part

Most people, the female of the species
Are attracted and disturbed, torn to pieces
With whom I am curiosity a powerful
Aphrodisiac, slaughtered lambs to cull

I’m just used to my own soul
Unsure of my life’s role
So just give me space
It’s all I ask (behind this mask)

Why are people so needy and unsure
Why do they come to me with words they pour
All I want is to find that holy grail
But people bar me secretly hoping I fail

Just give me space
Let’s move at a steady pace
There’s no need to rush
Please don’t make a fuss

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