Dingle Bay You Call My Name

Posted on Sep 8, 2011


As the wind howls in a quite tone
I think of a place far from home
A favourite of mine where dolphins play
Oh Dingle bay you call my name

The drive through the Conner Pass is bliss
To get to the town I do miss
The view from the pass is beautiful to behold
So many stories of there have been told

I now tell one of my own time there
A place where you relax, no stress or care
From the mountains at the pass you do calm
And know all will be fine, a drink in palm

Pulling up at the colourful harbour town
Dingle always a smile, never a frown
Boats sway on the harbour side
Ready to move out with the coming tide

Dingle is rich in ancient history for all
Listen hard and you can hear the past call
Beehive huts where these people once lived
The sound of waves crashing nearby where they fished

A dolphin named Funghi swims in the harbour
Famous is he, people travel from all over
He splashes his fin, jumps out high
A stunning silhouette against the blue sky

Dingle is known for so much more
Its music and culture is at the core
But as you watch the sun go down
You sigh in happiness in this beautiful town

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