The Chain of Command

Posted on Sep 7, 2011


I get to thinking about those in charge
The ones who avoid the situation gone too far
These that want the power but not the responsibility
The problem moves along the chain of command in ratlike agility

They sneer, they hiss they watch with beady eyes
And so turn a blind eye to all the cries
They only seek power to control and rule
In the hope of reaching new heights, they fool

These people get off on hurting others
Even if it were their sisters or brothers
They act in a bitter and twisted way
Like kids throwing a tantrum all day

The type that like nails down a chalkboard
They only bark and never talk
And probably were bullied themselves as kids
The lonely road they walk, telling fibs

People should fight back to the bullies punches
Stop them from stealing your kids lunches
They come in all shapes and forms
School, work or play, like a bad storm

Stand up to them and don’t be afraid
Only people they are who are fake
So show them you hold no fear
Tell them loud and shout it clear!

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