This Good Deed

Posted on Sep 7, 2011


Tried to do a good thing the other day
To put a smile on someone’s face
This I did achieve to great joy,
But this good deed came back to destroy

No bad deed goes unpunished they say
The other way around for me this day
Why should I have faith in good things
Because usually bad things it brings

To put a smile on someones face is so good
It’s what has to be done and so it should
But again it can kick you in the teeth
Like a stranger in the night, a hooded thief

Again I think of all those good things I’ve done
Expecting nothing back except the morning sun
But people just feed and take from you
Whilst we struggle and muddle through

The world is a bad place full of greed and insecurity
Anger plays a part in their weak minds with impunity
They care little for anyone else or the problems they suffer
For their own selfish world is all they can muster

Bureaucrats, the evil little rats do as they wish
They see themselves as sharks, us as little fish
Gobble us up in their huge hungry mouths
Teeth chomp away, us inside in an eternal hell

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