Trips Away On A Rainy Day

Posted on Sep 6, 2011


It’s a day like today that we dream away
For we dream of trips away on a rainy day
On sunny beaches and a warm sun
To cheer our souls and our bums

We want to feel the sand under our feet
With the sea lapping up our toes it does reach
A happiness does this bring us in our minds
Whilst in reality we shut out the weather outside

It’s only rain and wind we hear tapping away
On our windows this autumn it’s here to stay
So think of warm pubs and open fires
A band playing away that person of your desires

Hot weather doesn’t have to cheer the heart
A trip away on a rainy day is just the start
Eire is a favourite of mine on a day like this
Happy chatting away life with locals and Beamish

So all be cheery and imagine being there
In a pub, open fire, seafood cooked by your chair
Feeling warm and relaxed in this place you will
Nowhere else you’ll wanna be this a place to heal

Posted in: Poetry