Winter Warmers

Posted on Sep 9, 2011


Autumn and winter bring can bring people down
The rain turns smiles into frowns
But see the positives in the change
The colours and the vibrancy it can range

Autumn brings falling leaves and fireworks
Barbeques and fires we all warm around in thick shirts
Sitting in pubs with friends and those we love
Roasting marshmallows in our thick gloves

Lights flicker in homes everywhere
A warm feeling hits me there
For to me it shows cosy and warm
People wrapped up away from the storm

The winter brings much the same
Even the snow from whence it came
Can bring a smile to faces young
Stories told, songs are sung

So don’t feel down in the darker months
Embrace them for what they offer this once
You’ll see a different side to these times
Then feel your heart soar and it climbs

Posted in: Poetry