If I Won The Lottery

If I won the lottery tonight what would I do?
Would I keep quiet for a while or spend it on you?
Charities and family should come first
But before me though, money can hurt

So what would I spend it on if I won?
Well a castle would be nice or a house in the sun
Always fancied a windmill to live in
Maybe a watertower converted? Any strange building

Saw a lighthouse once up on a Scottish Isle
Breathtaking beauty surrounded it, so much style
Love thatched cottages too, anything unusual
Something with character that trod well worn shoes

I wouldn’t want much really, except a nice home
Near mountains and a beach where I could comb
While away the days with a pen to paper
A husky by my side, my companion, not a computer

What else would I buy if I won the lotto tonight
A car and not much more does spring to mind
A boat I’ve always wanted but pointless really
Would learn to fly though, this I dream merrily

With the rest I would help all I can do
Friends, family, strangers and wildlife too
Invest though for a future no yet here
Would protect a generation in future years

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