Freaky Creepy Crawlies!

Posted on Sep 6, 2011


Just read today that spiders are breeding like mad
Down to the damp weather this can only be bad!
These freaky creepy crawlies so quiet they move
My eyes will now and forever always be glued

I hate the way they move so fast, creeping as they do
Their beady eyes alert and ready as I am with a shoe!
Their fangs so sharp they bite whilst we sleep
Sometimes we swallow them, it gives me the creeps!

The article said they lay fifty eggs in our homes
This gives me the heebie jeebies, sets a creepy tone
To sleep at night It won’t now be an easy thing
For these menace of the night, fear do they bring

Thinking about them now makes me itch like crazy
Suddenly everything has gone black and hazy!
Oh you creepy crawlies go away from my home
Scuttle away somewhere else, leave me alone!

Posted in: Poetry