BBC3, Freeview and TV in Fast Demise

Posted on Jul 27, 2011


I’ve been watching less and less television lately for lots of different reasons as I lead a busy and chaotic lifestyle but it is nice once in a while to sit down in front of the goggle-box and lose yourself with what’s on the screen whether documentary, fantasy, drama or the news and just immerse yourself in that world for an hour or two.

But the thing is nowadays our screens are full of repeats, soaps, quiz shows or the ever growing and annoying reality shows that are constantly attacking our minds. Yes, we do have the power to switch off but why should we? Do we not pay for this service in some way or form? Even the repeats are repeats and on some of the Freeview channels say, it seems they repeat the same episodes over and over without moving on to another season of the said programme. I understand that this could be to do with the fact that certain shows are bought, but not always in their entirety which is ridiculous. For instance you could watch maybe four seasons of Quantum Leap but miss the final season as they may not have it so they revert back to the beginning again if you are lucky as sometimes a series may be shown out of order.

So the recent news that the BBC are considering get rid of BBC3, a channel that has some good cultural programmes and drama, although again the dreaded repeats do pop up now and then, comes as a bit of a letdown by them. Yes they will save a lot of money, around £100 million plus, but is there any need to get rid of the channel? Why not just re-brand the channel, lose the bad programmes on there and replace them with good drama and documentaries. Make it a cult station like BBC4. Put some foreign language drama on there and instead of starting it at 7pm on Freeview, keep it going all day. BBC4 may follow if they want to save money and that is a station that is brilliant in it’s quality television.   

We as a nation in the UK pay our TV license to the BBC yet all they give us is mindless rubbish aimed at kids and housewives. What about the people who want more on their television screens. Why not look around at what the rest of the world is showing, maybe transfer some of that here. Europe has some amazing quality drama like Spiral, Wallander, The Killing to name but a few which are all set in countries like France, Sweden and Denmark. Yes they have subtitles on them but if you are ok with that then you are in for a treat.

We are meant to have some of the best creative minds in the British Isles and Eire yet what we put out at the moment is of poor quality. The demise of the ever popular 28 year old Scottish cop show Taggart on ITV1 was a silent shock as many people didn’t know about it. Why axe something as popular as this that has ran for so long? What goes on in the minds of these idiots who run these stations?

Maybe as a nation we should all just switch off completely unless they give us what we want? In the age of the internet they can’t afford to dictate to us what we can and can’t watch. America has a problem with its popular programmes being moved around so much to different channels that the viewer can’t be bothered to look for them so the show is cancelled. Here’s an idea. Why not just keep a show on the one channel and the same time from start to finish and if it has poor ratings then fine, lose it, but if not keep it going. It’s all about advertising and knowing what the customer wants no matter what the product may be.

Let’s lose the shopping channels though as they’re pointless!

Hopefully the bigwigs in their big corporate offices with their big fat wage packets and homes will listen to us, but hey as long as they’re happy who cares eh…

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