Linkin Park, iTunes Festival Review, Monday July 4th 2011

Posted on Jul 7, 2011


When I found out that I was going to this Gig, I was a little apprehensive about going. Why you ask as Linkin Park are so damn cool and have sold over 50 million albums worldwide to date?

Well to be honest, they’re not my thing really. I like some of there songs but I’m not into the whole Rap/Nu-Metal fusion. To me it just doesn’t work and is just a little embarrassing at times. A white man doing rap especially in this vain of music is a bit like a Cellist picking up an Electric Guitar and hammering out a sound they’re not familiar with. This is not a racist comment before anyone gets the huff, it’s just some things should not be done by people who don’t belong doing those things as in those X-Factor boy/girl-band type who go on to murder a classic song which one did with a Bowie cover recently. Don’t put on a suit if it doesn’t fit in my humble opinion. Music is a funny thing, like acting. There are some actors who cannot do Comedy for the life of them but keep trying yet they are suited to Action films, but they want to be different and in doing so make fools of themselves.

Whilst we were waiting for Linkin Park to come on, we watched Neon Trees do there stuff. They played their hearts out, performing brilliantly with the crowd putty in their hands. They did the single Animal which went down a storm and left us wanting more with their addictive lyrics and fast riffs. This is a band that will go far and be around for a long time. They weren’t offensive at all and just played music that captured the audiences imagination. They are a band I would see again and again. I wish them well for the next album. In the meantime check out their debut album entitled Habits.

After around a forty-five minute wait, The headline act came on. This I hoped was going to be good but as I said earlier I had my doubts…

They came on blazing away with tracks including In the End, Numb, Faint, Bleed It Out, Encore and an amazing Adele Cover of Rolling In The Deep which it seemed to me got the biggest cheer of the night! It was an emotional cover and was sang with passion by Lead Vocalist Chester Bennington who said before he sang it that doing covers is not what they’re about which gained my respect straight off. A band who doesn’t do covers is original indeed and has imagination that some bands old and new lack at times.

The heat in the Roundhouse was intense, most of us sweating like a waterfall but being as the venue is so intimate, the bar was just a hop, skip and step away to quench that thirst.

So what did I think of Linkin Park in the end? Well for me they performed amazingly well for a band used to bigger venue’s. The drummerRob Bourdon played like a god and was a pleasure to watch him bash the hell out of that kit with style and grace. This was a band I was curious to see and went in unsure off, but came out with respect for. Have they gained a new fan? Will I go out and buy their albums? Maybe not that far, but never say never. Just lose the rap boys, it just doesn’t fit, but I will say one thing for them. They’re versatile, play for themselves and not record companies by the sound of them and have pretty cool fans of all kinds.

Good luck to them.

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