St Christopher’s Place Hostel, Brighton

Posted on Jul 27, 2011


Going down to Brighton is a new thing for me. It’s a place I’ve always been apprehensive about for some reason, but back in May I ended up down there at the crack of dawn with a friend on a ‘off the cuff’ moment for my birthday after one too many shall we say. I was in a celebratory mood after all. I ended up going back down the following day and missing the train back, we decided to stay in a hostel that was as dodgy as hell with no lights working, the door to the bathroom broken and a shower that had seen better days. I seem to remember this costing us £50 each for three of us.

This was an experience that I had no wish to repeat so last week three of us went down to Brighton already having pre-booked a 4 bed en-suite room at St Christopher’s just a short walk from the famous Pier and the Lanes.

Upon entering the Hostel through Belushi’s Bar which is owned by them, you are greeted in a warm and friendly manner, told your room and the rules, and anything else you need to know. We walk up to the third floor which actually isn’t that far and into our room. Now we have to double check that we are in a hostel because we feel like we’ve walked into a hotel room. We have views of the sea and Pier from our window which to me was perfect. The beds are all single and comfortable and more importantly very clean. Also They are not bunk beds but four separate beds spread out in a very large room. The bathroom is immaculate and again very clean. OK, it doesn’t have a bath but comes with a shower that could fit three in it! The whole room is amazing and for £25 each per person for a Wednesday night I was a very happy bunny. There were a few chest of drawers around should you need them, a television and kettle as well as a radio. I was almost ready to move in straight away. Not even my own bedroom was as good as that.

Brighton Pier view from St. Christopher’s taken by Darren Greenidge

The bar downstairs again had views of the sea and Pier so you could watch the sun go down whilst you were sipping away at your drink. Incidentally Your keycard that gets you into your room also allows you to get 10% off food, drink and your next stay at the hostel. You can also apply for a free discount card that gives you 10% off drink and Accommodation and 25% off food.

The food menu is very extensive and caters for all tastes from the biggest burgers I have ever seen to mouthwatering steaks. They have an amazing breakfast menu that blows you away from Pancakes to Fry-ups. The Veggie selection is also good as well.

There is a nite-club downstairs open till the the wee small hours for those that don’t want to travel too far so they can crawl back up to their rooms.

All in all, this is one of the best places that I have stayed in for a long time on the cheap and I’ll be certainly staying there again. And if you stay there then I hope you have as pleasant as stay as we had.

As for Brighton, it caters for all tastes and is an experience. It’s a bohemian place and if that’s you, you’ll love it! One of the most relaxed places I’ve been too.

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