A Mask of Shadows by Oscar De Muriel (Frey & McGray: Book 3)

Posted on Mar 25, 2020


The Storyline
A Mask of Shadows by Oscar De Muriel courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

This one begins with a production of The Scottish Play at London’s Lyceum Theatre in late 1889. The stars of the play are the renowned Henry Irving and Ellen Terry, ably assisted by one Bram Stoker.

Something horrific is about to enter their lives that will follow them from London to Edinburgh, Its cries chilling the bones, and leave a trail of terror in its wake and test the skills of Frey and McGray to their limits…

The Review

The third is a series of a possible ten, this is yet another one I read a while back, and only getting time to write the review now, but better late than never they say, whoever they are?

Yet again, Oscar De Muriel has produced another brilliant work with his heroes, Frey and McGray, the former of which is slowly turning into the latter, bringing a smile to my face.

As for the subject matter, what interested me about this one, was of course, Bram Stoker, being a fan of classic supernatural stories, called Penny Dreadful’s back then, something I would like to see come back one day. I would definitely like to own a copy or two of an original Penny Dreadful one day.

I had of course, heard of Henry Irving, and vaguely Ellen Terry, so I read this with deep interest.

As always, Oscar writes with great enthusiasm and his research is well done, especially in the scientific aspects of his books. He never gives the reader a break, keeping the chapters at a nice pace, with the right amount of intrigue and suspense, to keep the pages flipping.

As I mentioned in my last review of his, I’ll never tire of this series, and can see myself in a few years going back to them again and again, revisiting their adventures. There is definitely room for many more adventures for our two heroes.

As ever, support your local library, and please buy from book shops, especially independent ones if you can, otherwise this is available from all good retailers everywhere.

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