A Fever of the Blood by Oscar De Muriel (Frey & McGray: Book 2)

Posted on Mar 25, 2020


The Storyline

A Fever of the Blood by Oscar De Muriel courtesy of Amazon.co.uk

It begins with a hanging of a suspected witch in Lancaster in 1624 on All Hallows’ Eve, during the infamous Witch Trials and then to 1882 and 1883 where we visit two of the regular characters pasts.

In 1889, Inspectors Frey and McGray are called to the asylum where the latter’s Sister resides, and to the strange death of a woman there and to a figure from the past, one of which who hasn’t spoken in years.

What follows is a case that baffles them both and send them on a hunt for a killer from Edinburgh to Pendle Hill in Lancashire, a place full of myths and legends about witches, where they encounter more than they bargained for…

The Review

Okay, an apology here, for I thought I posted this not long after I read it after it came out, but obviously not. My apologies, especially to Oscar. I’m obviously losing the plot! I’ll owe him a wee dram…

Yet again, Oscar De Muriel has produced another stunning work with two characters I love dearly, and a subject I’ve long been interested in since a child; that of the Pendle Witch Trials.

I remember watching the great Vincent Price play Matthew Hopkins, the legendary and cruel Witchfinder General as a kid, so reading something about the Pendle Witches was of great interest to me.

As always, Oscar writes with great fluidity and his research is top drawer. He never bores the reader, keeping the chapters nice and pacey and interesting, with just enough nuggets of information to want you to read another chapter, and another. Before you know it, you’ve read the book!

I’ll never tire of this series, and can see myself in a few years going back to them again and again. What with the run of historical crime drama in recent years like Ripper Street, I can easily see this as being made into a series, and I damn well hope it does, for Oscar deserves it with his wonderful creations.

As ever, support your local library, and please buy from book shops, especially independent ones if you can, otherwise this is available from all good retailers everywhere.

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