Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Posted on Jan 25, 2015


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She awakes on a rainy day early in the morning
In and out of sleep, the sky is suddenly dawning
Dreams crowd her sleep which inspire her along
Light at the end of the tunnel she sees through the fog

Something she sees on the news reignites her fire
So close is her dream to fulfilling her desires
All now is within her grasp, all she has to do is wait
Chase the dream, the goal, fuel it by an inner faith

It’s amazing how a day can change belief and inner turmoil
When just a few days past you felt you could be foiled
Is it the weather or her lucid dreams that makes her like this
Or is it something else that blows her destiny’s kiss

So now she’s in this mood, she’ll flow along in grace
No more frowns or put-downs, just a smiley face
She can’t believe this euphoric feeling that she now has
To hold on to it now will be a challenge she’ll have

So off she goes armed to the teeth with confidence galore
She feels now she could fight anything or anyone in her war
Sacrifices again will be made in this quest for her dream
But she knows not long now, he’ll succeed and come out clean

*First published on November 4th 2011 at 09:58 and re-edited on 25th January 2015 at 0926

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