Re-building Bridges

Posted on Jan 16, 2015


Rebuilding Bridges

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Endless dreams and
nightmares ruin many
a hopeful night of sleep
As memories play on the
mind and heart
and people invade on
the peace of the soul
leaving an unknown future

The past always comes
back to haunt some
when they least
expect it
What’s done is done
and you can only move
forwards and repair any
damage along the way

That’s the hope anyway
otherwise all is lost
What a terribly sad way
to be for this only brings
self-loathing and
hate towards others
Like a cancer eating
away at your soul

It is best to move on
and not look back with bitterness
For this will eat you up
inside and destroy your
heart and soul
Sleep on your anger
and banish it to the darkness
awake refreshed and anew

Live your life

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