The Reaper’s Release

Posted on Oct 21, 2014


Never thought he’d enjoy making people suffer
Made his heart bleed, the nasty mother’s
So the best way to be is what he’s become
Make them pay for what they’ve done

For this is the reaper’s release
And for them there shall be no peace
They’ve done this many times to him now
They’re gonna kneel to him and humbly bow

One stole something he loved and always will
He could’ve done the same to him, can still
Rubbed in his face, some friends they turned out to be
Lucifer, he’s gonna make them suffer, gonna make many hearts bleed


He’s not gonna be messed around by anybody anymore
Watch out world here he come’s, rising to the fore
Gonna leave lots of souls in his wake
They’ll be sorry now, his eyes are awake


Time to release the reaper in his heart
This war of torn souls did they start
Dividing all with their sorry song
They’re gonna wish they admitted they were wrong


*Originally published October 1st 2011 at 10:09 and re-edited 21st October 2014 0925

Posted in: Poetry